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Put over 50 years of investing and consultancy experience in business, real estate, accounting, legal, and finance to work for you. Are you in?



Tax Advice

Forecast effectively with the best tax advice.

Legal Advice

Do you know the legal implications of your investment? Make sure you are prepared.

Investment Advice

Investment advice you can count on from a team with a proven track record.

Real Estate Investing

Get advice from some of the most successful real estate investors in Canada's hottest market.

Mortgage Brokering

Get the very best deal on your investment with the best brokers in the business.

Experienced Agents

Navigate the world of real estate with the most sought-after agents.


When you are looking at growing personal wealth through investing you want a team that has experience and knowledge from every angle. Put our experience to work for you and see real results.

Reliable & Effective

We are a full service investment training organization. We specialize in providing expert advice in investment growth, real estate, financial planning, tax issues and investment law.

The mission of Investors Network is to empower individuals to grow their wealth and to enjoy the quality of life they choose for themselves and their loved ones.

We fulfill that mission by providing knowledge and guidance for our members to experience ever-increasing success in their financial life.

Our focus is on education and raising the level of financial investment skill. We recognize that having the right information and taking the right action leads to financial freedom.

Meet the Team

We have specialist advisors in all areas of our business as well as fantastic support staff who will be able to help you if your advisor is unavailable when you make contact.

Fantastic team for fantastic people!

We can help you build wealth through powerful investing. This is how we serve you:

No two clients or portfolios are the same. We tailor our support to fulfil your needs and goals.

First Class Support

Have a question? We're here to give you the support you need to become a stronger investor.

We keep track of what's happening globally to make sure you are prepared no matter what.

Investors Network Meeting-Tuesday January 17 from 6:30pm-9PM @ Holiday Inn Express (15808 104th Avenue, , Surrey, BC)


Alistair Young-How to Buy Rental Properties

Michael Ponte-The Power of Real Estate Investing

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Investors Network Workshop: Tuesday February 21st ALL DAY EVENT @ Holiday Inn Express (15808 104th Avenue, , Surrey, BC)

Join us for an all day event workshop detailing the in's and out's of real estate investing. Speakers of the day will be announced soon! Be sure to save the date for this event!

We Are Here to Provide Investment Support

We have over 50 years of investing and consultancy experience in business, real estate, accounting, legal, and finance to work for you. Are you in?

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Jeremy Whittingstall

Investment Network helped me build a significant net worth through real estate investing both in Vancouver and Calgary. If you want the BEST advice, I highly recommend their support.

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