January 16, 2018-Investors Network Event 6:30pm-9pm

Welcome to the Investors Network Meetup Group!

Our goal is to empower individuals so that they can break through any barriers so as to enjoy the kind of life they envision for themselves and their loved ones.

We hope to fulfill that mission by providing a forum whereby individual investors can share their knowledge, experience and enhance their networks. Our focus is on education and raising one’s level of financial knowledge; for, we believe that gaining the right information and training, ultimately leads to financial independence and freedom.

Attendance for this meeting is $40 and all are welcome! For those who have paid the annual membership fee, the $40 at the door fee is not required. If you RSVP in advance the price is $35.00

This months presenters are:

Jason Bugra of Sidhu and Associates Property Management. Jason a University of Fraser Valley graduate with a business bachelor degree majoring in finance and minor in economics. After finishing university, Jason obtained his BC property management license and began his property management business immediately. Almost two years later, Jason is now managing over 70 million dollars’ worth of property across the Fraser Valley. Besides that, Jason truly believes in the power of giving, therefore has been involved in few community groups over the last five years, including the indo business association, investors network group, and little hearts gala group.


Our second speaker this month is Sean Davis-financial and Investment advisor/manager. Sean believes that true wealth is held in your heart and not in your hand. He is a loving father of three young boys. He lives in the Fraser Valley and is an active member of the community. He has served on the Aldergrove Business Association, Bertrand Creek Society and is a past president of the Aldergrove Rotary.